Monday, July 22, 2013

Mary & Martha...the new Blessings Unlimited

Hi there! If you're a frequent visitor of MomSimplified, you may recall my excitement several months back after joining Blessings Unlimited as a consultant. As the months have rolled on, the excitement has continued and over the weekend, it has reached a new height.

The company name (Blessings Unlimited) really grabbed my attention several years back and made me want to dig in more to find out what this company (that obviously placed God in the center) stood for. Although I thought before signing up, I truly wouldn't find out exactly what the name truly meant before becoming a consultant. The company truly has been a blessing. Ask anyone that knows me, I'm far off from any type of a "saleswoman" and the thought of sales alone terrifies me. I quickly discovered that the products really sold themselves and that there were many women looking to fill their homes and lives with pieces that would reflect their love for the Lord.

Each year, Blessings Unlimited holds an annual conference, which I was unable to attend (insert sad face). As much of a bummer it was that I was unable to attend, the company did a GREAT job at making me feel a part as I received some exciting news on Saturday...Blessings Unlimited will continue to bless so many of the consultants, hostesses, customers, and people, but just with a new name...
Mary & Martha truly exemplifies what so many of us struggle to reach in life...BALANCE, the balance of putting Christ first in our life, but assuring that we put our family next. The daily struggles in life can pull us so many different directions and take our focus off of where we need to be. I truly believe that Mary & Martha will be a blessing (no pun intended) to all and I'm excited to begin this journey.

Here's several of the exciting new items that will be released and available for purchase on August 1st:

 With all of the excitement, I would LOVE to tell you more about this amazing opportunity (or just answer any questions you may have). Check out the update to the awesome package new consultants receive when signing up:

The Gathering Essentials Kit is your business in a box. For $99 (plus tax & shipping) you get everything you need to start your business. Amazing products (shown above), business supplies, marketing materials, social media plans, and Home office support.
For now, you can continue to visit my site at or you can visit the site to Mary & Martha at  I'll keep this post updated with any future changes to my personal website. Looking forward to "Meaning Entertaining...Made Simple".

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