Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Uses for a Little Bit of Everything...

Over the years, between fun Pinterest projects and just pure inspiration, I've been able to make some fun updates throughout the house. Some of these projects may not have turned out quite as I'd seen them online and some of them were given their own twist and made into their own. Either way, I always enjoy doing something new to the house and I thought I'd share it with each of you.

I'm only listing a few today, in hopes that I'll get more up here soon as well! So here's some of my favorite projects, which will probably show my obsession with free (or close to free) items.

Obsession #1: OLD WINDOWS

 I've had some fun around the house with old windows, from the photos you see above to the use in my youngest son's Cowboy Themed Bedroom (which I blogged about here). The bottom photo was one of my favorites. We had poles separating the small opening from our kitchen to our dining room. My handy-man husband helped me to cut them out and then hang the window for a more primitive look. The kids enjoy decorating the window for the different holidays throughout the year with window clings.

Obsession #2: OLD LADDERS

There are so many things you can do with an old ladder...my only concern is I wonder how weird it will look if I get more than 20 around the house, because my obsessions seems like it's beginning to spiral out of control. It all began with the ladder in the first photo where we hung it from the ceiling over our fireplace with lights draped in and out. After that I decided that just one wasn't enough and have since added the one to the hallway (where I'll be adding more pictures to the inside). I've got another one waiting in the garage for my next project and still find myself scoping for an old ladder every chance I get.

Obsession #3: OLD SHUTTERS

Here's just a few samples I have from around the house of old shutters. The top photo just kind of happened, lol. Once it happened I pretty much fell in love with the look and how simple it was to have the frames hang over the edge of the shutter. It's also been a great way to display my children's artwork, which is always changing and the clothespins make it easy to change in and out.

Obsession #4: ANYTHING DIY

The DIY signs were SO simple to make and they've added an extra touch to both my oldest son's room and our sport's room. My son's sign was fun, as we used his birth date and some of his birth stats for the scores on the scoreboard. I designed the scoreboards on Publisher and saved them as an image. After that, I simply uploaded them to the Staples website and had them printed out. After the print, I attached them to insulation foam board with spray adhesive.... EASY, easy!

As far as the storage bins, if you're on Pinterest I'm sure you've seen these all over the place. It was as easy as picking out the fabric I wanted and mod podging the fabric onto the plastic storage bin. I had a little left over fabric, which worked perfect for the basket on top of the storage bin.

This fits in, because it really is an obsession! I began selling the products back in March and have quickly become an owner of a TON of their merchandise. The Lazy Susan pictured above is my favorite item and it's just one of those that you can't believe how beautiful it is until you actually see it. IT IS AMAZING!

The June Semi-Annual sale is currently going on where you can get up to 81% off of some of their items. (There's 70+ items on sale....it's great!) Feel free to check out the sale on my site HERE!

So ending this obsession article....I hope I'm not the only one out there with these fun obsessions :)

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