Monday, May 7, 2012

Cowboy Themed Bedroom

When our youngest son, Abram, was born we had no doubt that a cowboy themed bedroom would suite him just right. After a lot of research for new, creative cowboy themes, we ended up coming up a little short. From there, we decided to begin brainstorming and come up with a theme that our little man would love for year's to come. 

Deciding on the color scheme was the first step we took. We knew for sure that the one piece that we'd have in the room was the bed frame that had been handed down and used by my grandfather and father. The bed had previously been painted in a dark blue, so it was a quick decision that blue would become the accent color. From there, we decided that we'd like a more neutral color for the walls and chose to with a light tan. We later added the chocolate brown to a few of the walls to add more of a "comfort feel".

Originally we'd planned on painting the largest wall in his room with a fun, diamond pattern and after just painting the entry wall to his room, we quickly realized that painting the large wall would take entirely too much time! (The entry wall alone took over 2 entire days worth of measuring, taping, and painting.)

We used an old window to make a fun decoration to hang above the bed. We added to the window, by simply adding a cowboy themed fabric to the back and used a hook screw to tie his first pair of cowboy boots from the window.

For the toy shelf, we used a shower curtain and wrapped fabric around the curtain to allow the "toy mess" to be a bit more hidden. We were also able to find a unique, vintage photo of my grandfather that went just right in the room!

We used rope and were able to get it around the entire top rim of the room, which was hung by simply nailing it into the wall, while continuing to wrap the rope for more of the western look. We were able to find some great "Texas Rangers" posters online and placed them in a discount frame with a textured poster board background to appear as matting.

Here's one last shot of the window above the bed, where you're able to see his name printing that is displayed as well!
The Cowboy Themed room was such a hit, that my oldest son now wants his room to be just like his little brother's. For now, we'll just let them enjoy this room together! :)

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