Friday, April 20, 2012

Secret Agent Birthday Party Invitations

Last year for my son, Corban's, 5th birthday, we had a secret agent theme. We'd made these invitations and I'd blogged about it on my old blog, but as I'm realizing, it did transfer over through my Pinterest account, so I thought I better blog about it again and let you know how simple these were to make!
What you'll need:
  • Black Cardstock
  • Basic White Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Paper clips, Small Magnifying Glass, Small Envelopes
You'll need to start with a basic document editing software (Microsoft Word, etc.). I used Microsoft Publisher, but you would be able to use Word as well. For one side of the paper I used basic stats, including a picture of my son to let them know about the party. (Example: Name, Height, Weight, Age, Interests, etc.) I was able to find some small "top secret" images to include in the invitations as well.

On the other side of the invitation we listed details about this "top secret" mission A.K.A, the big party, with details in secret agent lingo. We attached small envelopes that included a word written in extra small font that they would use the magnifying glass to read, which would give them a word to access entry into the party. 

After printing off both sides of the invitations, they were glue to a folded piece of black cardstock, which was trimmed to appear to be a folder. We placed a label on the each folder (invitation) that included the child's name of whom it would go to. The outside of the invitation simply had a label that read "Top Secret". 

All of the kids loved these invitations and couldn't wait for the party! Enjoy!!

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  1. What kind of wording did you use?