Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love Love Love Mason Jars!!

To say I love mason jars is such an understatement. They are functional along with beautiful.
So anyway, we have been needing a new light in our laundry room out at the farm and nothing we found was 'the one' or near our price range. Then one night it just hit me... Mason Jar Lights!!!, and after asking my husband, he was confident he could do it. So for the quick disclaimer.... I am not an electrician and neither is my husband. We just worked carefully to the best of our knowledge and well....it has not yet burned our house down... OK that's it.
This is what we used:
  • 4 - 1 quart mason jars (different color ones would be really neat)
  • 4 Lids
  • 4 Lamp sockets
  • 1 Canopy
  • Lamp Wire
  • Hanging hooks
I wish I would have taken picture of each step, but at the time I was so excited, I forgot!! Here is a brief overview of how we did it:
  • Cut lamp wire into four pieces after measuring how far out we wanted each jar light to hang
  • Drilled holes in the top of each lid.
  • Fed Wire thru hole and attached to lamp socket.
  • Screwed in the light bulb and screwed jar into lid.
  • Feed all four wires thru the canopy.
  • Now this step I just was a spectator.. He hard wired the 4 lamps wires into the spot where the old and small light was in the laundry room. Secure canopy to ceiling to hide the ugly electric box
  • Insert hooks into the ceiling were you want each light to hang and that's it!!
Now everytime I go in to do the laundry I get to enjoy... Mason Jars...Plenty of Light...Reusing things we already had sitting around!!

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  1. Very Cool, can't wait to make my own!